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  • Clean Air Crew

    Clean Air Crew

    The Clean Air Crew site is an amazing resource for all things IAQ, masking, air filters, and CO2 monitoring! Some of our favorite site resources: You can follow the Clean Air Crew on Twitter:

  • Infection Prevention and Control Considerations for Schools

    Infection Prevention and Control Considerations for Schools

    Briefs of the Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table. “In-person schooling is essential for children and youth for both academic educational attainment and for the development of social, emotional growth and life skills. Schools are a place where children gain essential academic skills, form friendships, learn social and life skills, and are key settings for physical activity. Schools…

  • Fall COVID-19 Vaccine Update

    Fall COVID-19 Vaccine Update

    as per NSGov: “More doses of COVID-19 vaccine will be available to children and adults beginning in September. Starting the week of September 6, children aged five to 11 will be eligible for a first COVID-19 booster vaccine. Children aged five to 11 who have not completed their primary series – first two doses –…